free whmcs v3.7.2

By | September 22, 2018

=========Information Code=========
Name: whmcs
Vession: 3.7.2
Price: $324.95 (1 year None Powered By …)
Price on NulledScriptz: $0.00 (42 years None Powered By …)
Cracked by: LepeNU (not me)
Keygen by: TrioxX
Protection : Removed
Edited by: Ken Design
Tested by: Ken Design
Instruction by: Ken Design
Uploaded by: Ken Design

Video instruction setup:

Server US:
Server VN:

Step 1 :
Upload all files into your host

Step 2 :
Open file (admin/login.php) and find :
$url = ‘http://your-domain/whmcs/license/index.php’;

replace with your url
Step 3:
Install with link :
Using key : 123456
Step 4:
Open (addkey.php) and find
$licensefile = @file_get_contents(“http://localhost/whmcs/license/index.php”);

and replace with your url
Step 5:
Run link and follow intro addkey.php

Step 6:
Delete (addkey.php) and folder (install)


Thanks to LepeNU, TroxX.


-Vession 3.7.1…
-Vession 3.7.2…

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