Sunshop V4.0 nulled

By | November 16, 2018
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SunShop Shopping Cart v4.0 Nulled script
download SunShop Shopping Cart v4.0 Nulled script .zip
What makes SunShop shopping cart stand above the rest is the ease of use and those few extra features that we have included after years of feadback and requests from our clients.
Feature List
Setup & Support
– No programming knowledge required
– Easy browser based installation wizard
– Complete ready to use storefront system Integrates into your web site’s look and feel Import feature allows easy importing of products, product options, product fields and product attribute
– Language file, configurable currency symbol and configurable list of states/provinces
– All platforms supported such as Unix, Linux, Windows, FreeBSD, MacOS X, Sun OS, etc FREE updates and support via toll free phone, support tickets, forum and email for one year
Design & Layout
– Template-based system for easy customization of the complete layout and design
Search engine friendly product pages and links including the ability to generate static HTML pages
– Cut and Paste your existing HTML for quick design integration
– Easy integration into your sites look and feel
– Support for both thumbnail and full size images with auto thumbnailing and resizing
– Supports multiple display formats from the following: text & thumbnail list, text & thumbnail tiling (with ability to set tile amount)
– Define a preset image height & width for thumbnail images
– Easy to use, one mouse click, color settings changes HTML or plain text product description
– Automatic image resizing using GD or Imagick Easily define table widths, background colors, image paths, etc…
– Built in CSS (Cascading Style Sheet) support
Email Notifications
– Administrator and customer order alert with complete order breakdown and information
– Email customer on order status change as well as shipping with tracking number notification
– Customer account signup notification with account details and welcome message
– Complete newsletter feature with HTML support built in
Administration Area
– Easy to use, browser based administration
– Add additional administrator accounts and limit access to certain or all areas in the admin backend
– Add/Edit/Delete users, admins and groups
– Create and manage groups for discounted wholesale prices and retail prices
– Add/Edit/Delete/Import/Export products, product options, product fields and product attributes
– Add/Edit/Delete vendors and manufacturers
– Edit/Delete product reviews
– Add/Edit/Delete categories and subcategories
– View/Edit/Update/Delete transactions
– Ability to generate transaction statistics
– Print a package listing to ship with items to your customers
– Edit orders after they are placed for last minute changes
– Easy “point and click” settings changes
– Easily manage general, shipping, payment, tax, area, templates, currency rates
– Backup, and import templates, or create your own templates for importing into the cart
– Easily backup your database to a backup file for fast backup and fast restoration in minutes
– Add/Edit/Delete coupons and discounts
Product Management
– Add unlimited products
– Option to import and export products easily using csv file format from excel
– Assign your own SKU’s to your products
– Add products to multiple categories or subcategories
– Assign manufacturers for easy searching by manufacturer or brand
– Assign vendors for your own use or for added drop shipping capabilities
– HTML or plain text product descriptions and overviews
– Add META keywords and descriptions for custom META tags for each product page
– Add standard image and thumbnail with optional image resizing
– Add unlimited additional images for added product appeal
– Option to set group specific products available to one or all groups
– Ability to set your prices in addition to optional retail price for comparison or sale price for sales
– Ability to set number in stock for product inventory control
– Ability to set flags to charge tax or set as a new or featured item
– Ability to set product as viewable or not
– Ability to set group specific pricing to distinguish product pricing for each group
– Ability to set fixed shipping prices
– Ability to set certain products to ship separately and specify weight, box length, box width and box height for it
– Ability to set maximum number of that product that can fit in a box for shipping calculations
– Ability to charge or not charge shipping for certain items
– Support for digital and physical goods.
– Allow your customers to download their purchases from their account after payment
– Add unlimited downloads to each product
– Add unlimited product options for each product with ability to charge more for selections as well as add to weights
– Ability to set base price based on the options selected
– Add unlimited product attributes for each product
– Add unlimited custom fields for each product
– Ability to add unlimited related products
Category Management
– Unlimited categories and subcategories with unlimited subcategory depth
– Ability to upload images for individual categories and subcategories
– Ability to add a description to each category or subcategory
– Option to set group specific categories and subcategories available to one or all groups
– Ability to flag categories and subcategories as viewable or not viewable
Customer Service
– All orders stored in MySQL database
– Sensitive information is encrypted to guard against potential security problems
– Wishlist feature so your customers can add their favorite items to a list and email to their friends and family
– Product reviews for more interactive shopping
– Customers can log in and view their order history for review and status as well as get tracking information
– When reviewing orders customers can ask questions or see notes left by the administration Automated emailing after signup or ordering for fast response time to customer
– Customers can login and maintain their accounts
– Password reminder for customers
– Security HTTP and HTTPS support with both shared and standard
– SSL certificate support
– Sensitive information is encrypted to guard against potential security problems
– Password-protected administrative access
Search Engine
– Optimization Search engine friendly product pages and links including the ability to generate static HTML pages
– All pages can be easily indexed for all major search engines and crawlers
– Set your own meta-tags for every product and other pages throughout the cart
Product Catalog
– Easy navigation for less confusion while shopping
– Fast and friendly search and advanced search features
– Automated display of bestsellers and specials
– HTML or plain text product descriptions
– Coupon codes and quantity discounts
– Search engine friendly product pages and links including the ability to generate static HTML pages
– Display current inventory and allow/disallow adding of items that are out of stock
– Unlimited product options with optional price modifiers
– Add custom fields to collect data for any item
– Display addition product information using product attribute feature
Shipping and Tax
– Collect tax for any state, state with county, country or zip code and define a separate rate for each area you collect from
– Real-time USPS, UPS, Australia Post, InterShipper, FedEx, DHL, Canada Post and other shipping calculation by product and total order weight.
– Support for international shipping
– Flat rate shipping per-pound, per-item, per-order or by percent of total
– Shipping table for shipping by order total or weight total with ability to set different prices for other countries based on your location
– Ability to set items to be shipped free
– Add handling charges
– Set product specific shipping costs
– Ser products as shippable all together in one box or separate boxes with there own dimensions
– Allow your customers to choose shipping method (w/real-time calculation only)
– Easy to print packing slips and invoices
Payment Options
– Accept check, money order, purchase orders and credit cards
– Manual offline credit card processing support by default Accept PayPal payments w/ IPN support for real-time processing with PayPal 30 real-time processing addon modules built in
– Real-time credit card processing modules available FREE (See List) Added Extras Froogle feed support for auto generation of froogle formatted data and automatic submission to froogle servers
– Currency conversion and ability to update exchange rates within seconds
– Built in support for affiliate programs such a Post Affiliate Pro and iDevAffiliate QuickBooks and regular transaction export by tab or comma delimited files

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