How to Bypass Sharecash

By | February 25, 2018

Sharecash is annoying as hell….
I’m pretty sure most of us can accept this statement.

Anyways, there’s a way to bypass Sharecash and start downloading without doing the surveys.

STEP 1: Get on “Firefox”. Download it if you don’t have it.
Step 2: Install “Greasemonkey” add-on for Firefox.
Step 3: Restart Firefox.
Step 3: Install “Sharecash autodownload” script for Greasemonkey.
Step 4: Try and download a Sharecash file, you should be able to download it unless the offer is not available in your country. This method is for Canada, U.K & U.S.A.

If you’re not from Canada, U.K or U.S.A then, I’d suggest you find a proxy for one of those country and try downloading it from there. Don’t forget to add the proxy-link to the “Sharecash autodownload” script.

Tools>>Greasemonkey>>Sharecash autodownload>>Add

Hope this helped!!!

12 thoughts on “How to Bypass Sharecash

  1. RandomGuy

    Thank you my good fellow. I had spent hours trying to figure it out myself and almost succeeded, but you have been a great help. Many others besides myself owe you one.

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